Cat Bowl

Halo Bowl for cats is the first cat bowl in the world with US EPA approval “kills 99.9% of bacteria 24 hours per day”.

Most cat owners are aware of the dangerous biofilm “slime” that accumulates on your cat’s dish. Biofilm is nearly impossible to remove even after vigorous scrubbing due to the nature of biofilm colonies. Halo Bowl for cats eliminates this by never allowing the bacteria to form in the first place. Fresh clean bacteria free water 24 hours per day.

  • Shallow 1.5” depth to eliminate “whisker stress”
  • Smooth inner contour for ease of eating and cleaning
  • Made in Chicago, IL USA of all USA sourced 22 gauge copper alloy
  • Tested for mercury, lead, cadmium and any harmful contaminants
  • Lifetime warranty
  • US EPA Approved “kills bacteria 24 hours per day”

The best bowl for your cat

We have designed the small size Halo Bowl with cats in mind. As cat parents know cats can be finicky drinkers and eaters. Designed with a shallow 1.5” contour cats don’t have contact with their whiskers which results in stress free drinking or eating experience. We only use EPA Approved Cuverro to manufacture the Halo Bowl for cat’s means bacteria free cat bowls 24 hours per day. With the Halo Bowl bacteria begins being killed on contact and then Halo Bowl made with Cuverro keeps killing 24 hours per day….every day.

Halo Bowl is safer than stainless steel

Almost every cat bowl on the market is made in China or India. Most are cheaply made with no regard to quality (or your cat’s health). Recently, a batch of Chinese made stainless steel pet bowls made it to store shelves at Petco that were contaminated with radioactive cobalt. The Halo Bowl is 100% Made in the USA, from USA sourced metal by a US EPA registered manufacturer. Additionally, the Cuverro copper alloy Halo Bowl is manufactured from is tested for any harmful contaminates. Plastic, ceramic, glass and even stainless steel are all poor substitutes for the 99.9% bacteria free Halo Bowl. Plastic cat dishes are known to harbor bacteria due to their inherent porosity, ceramic has the same issue as the surface is not smooth plus ceramic can easily break. Glass can also be dangerous as it is easily breakable. Finally, stainless steel which has become the standard for most pet dishes has no inherent anti bacterial killing qualities. Most cat parents believe stainless steel to be the safest material for a cat dish however stainless steel has been shown that up to 67% Salmonella is still present on stainless steel bowls after a trip thru a hot dishwasher.

Halo Bowl for cat’s specifications –

  • Size : 5.75” width, 1.5” depth
  • Capacity: 16 fluid US ounces, 2 cups max capacity, 1.5 cups recommended